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I will kick out corrupt ministers says Governor Moses Lenolkulal

I will kick out corrupt ministers says Governor Moses Lenolkulal

By Paul Letiwa

Governor Moses Lenolkulal has warned that he would not hesitate to sack any serving minister found to be corrupt in the conduct of County Government business.

While distributing food stuffs and clothes to the handicapped children in Maralal town with a group of County Assembly Members, the governor said corruption must be stamped out of the County at all cost.

“The holders of public office who will be involved in gross misconduct and who are not committed in serving the people, will have to seek refuge elsewhere,” he warned. In a series of measures by the County Government aimed at improving service delivery to Samburu County residents, Mr. Lenolkula announced that henceforth, the performance of County ministers and other officials will be evaluated by external experts and not public institutions in the county to ensure no favoritism takes place.

All tenders will also be made public on regular basis, complete with details of tender sums, winners of tenders and details of delayed
projects, including the names of contractors and cost over-runs, the governor directed. He declared that the public will be involved in
gauging the performance of all the county ministries and those that do not meet the standards will not be given priority in the next county budget.

“The monitoring of project implementation from all the nine ministries will also be field based as opposed to the usual situation where
planning units at various county ministries conduct the exercises from their offices instead of going to the field,” he said.

In last two weeks, the Samburu County leadership has been under attack from the public especially in the social media with some critics claiming that there was ‘a lot nepotism and clan factor’ during recruitment of county officials. In his defense, Mr. Lenolkulal, denied the claims and added that qualifications were met on ‘merit’ and ‘not on clan factor’.

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